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Zenith Penthouse Penthouse Apartments in Alicante

About this property

Zenith Penthouse Apartments in Alicante 

This city on the Costa Blanca is well-known internationally, mostly due to its pleasant climate all year round. The infrastructure of the region is also excellent, living here is not expensive, and thanks to its high quality health care service it is a popular target of retired people who wish to have a peaceful life and for those who are interested in purchasing an apartment in Spain.

The there is an active economic and commercial life in the region, which provides excellent investment opportunities, as well as ideal circumstances for new businesses.

The temperature is mild all year round, and thanks to the closeness of the mountains there is no extreme temperature fluctuation, and the annual number of sunny hours is invaluable.

Beside the typical dishes, such as the paella, other rice dishes, seafood and meats, we can also feel the effect of multicultural factors, since there is a mix of Moorish, Mediterranean and other elements here.


Apart from these, the history, culture, and gastronomy of the Costa Blanca attract many visitors. There are historic castles, fortresses, museums and beautiful lookout spots troughout the whole region. According to the locals, visitors arrive to see the sights, but they stay for the gastronomy. The ingredients of the local cuisine are high quality and they go hand in hand with the healthy lifestyle, which is a characteristic of the region.

Project presentation

The residential building complex with a view on the Mediterranean Sea was created for the lovers of the sun and the sea, and for those who wish to own a Spanish apartmnet

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    Location: It is in a uniquely picturesque spot on the southern part of the Costa Blanca / Orihuela, Alicante. There are two airports nearby: San Javier (25 km) and El Altet-Alicante (50 km)

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    The creators of the project paid special attention to choosing the perfect spot to achieve a breathtaking view from each apartment. The spacious terraces and rooftop terraces give the feeling of infinite freedom, while you enjoy the fresh air. The engineers have kept in mind the functionality and the utility of all the spaces during the whole process of designing.

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    The blocks of apartments are to an adequate distance from each other, so that each inhabitant can enjoy the advantages.  The building complex has 4 entrances altogether, which function with a modern entry system.

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    You can find everything that might be necessary for your daily life here: public transport, supermarkets, and restaurants. The Zenia Boulevard Shopping Center is also nearby, which is one of the most important shopping centers in the region with its 80 000m2 surface area, where you can find shops, cafés, restaurants, electronics shops, supermarkets, bowling, and a casino as well.

    There are also 3 golf pitches with 18 holes each within a 5 km radius.

Common areas.

The carefully designed and well maintained common areas and green spaces offer innumerable opportunities to relax:

There are 2 pools for the adults and 2 for the children, bathrooms, Jacuzzi for 6-8 people, an outdoor gym and a playground in the building complex in order to provide complete “recharge” for the inhabitants. Apart from this, the designers have also added a comfortable relaxation area. 

Penthouse properties:

Arrangement: Living room with an open kitchen and a dining area in the corner, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom

Total size: 143 m2

Price: €160 000 – €266 000

An outdoor parking place is included in the price.


The standard size of the parking place: 13 m2.

Price in case of purchasing separately: €8000

We recommend this package for:

Every client who is looking for a second home in a quickly and easily accessible place from Hungary, where they can enjoy the pleasant temperature and the sunshine throughout the whole year, and who are interested in purchasing a Spanish apartment. Thanks to their practical arrangement, these apartments will make an ideal and cozy home for couples or families as well. On top of that, it is a perfect investment opportunity, since we are talking about properties that are easy to rent out long or short term (in the peak season) alike.

We are at your service in case you wish to delegate the task of furnishing and decorating your new home. You can choose from several packages in different price ranges, from which everybody can find the furniture which is most suitable for them.

Make your dreams come true!  Call us now at +3670 427 2462. lukentum@lukentum.com

Available properties:

m2 m2 m2
189 3 K 2 143 17 52 168 000 €
190 3 K 2 143 17 52 169 000 €
195 3
K 3 187 18 79 266 000 €
123 3 K 2 143 17 52 160 000 €
144 3 D 2 143 17 52 160 000 €
160 3 D 2 143 17 52 180 000 €
161 3 D 2 143 17 52 177 000 €
162 3 D 2 143 17 52 184 000 €