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At Lukentum we not only sell you the property, but we stay by your side throughout the whole process and offer you all the services you might need in a personalized way and with a guarantee of high quality.

We have a unique style, we pay special attention to our clients, we keep in mind all the small details, and we do everything to exceed your expectations. This is what makes us stand out among other real estate agencies in Hungary.

We have extensive experience in selling properties to Hungarian citizens. Apart from the fact that we speak your language, we know what your needs are, since our headquarters are in Budapest. This makes it possible for us to give you advice regarding mortgages, currency exchange, the areas where fellow Hungarians prefer to buy properties, as well as to help you in the legal process of the purchase.

Our priority is to guide our client to choose the adequate property in accordance with his or her needs, preferences and budget.

Sincerity, reliability, respect. We believe that good business relationships are created on the basis of these values, and we are convinced that the best publicity is our clients’ satisfaction.

Transparent and reliable information. We provide complete transparency for our clients regarding all of our properties, including their descriptions, photos, videos, blueprints, and their inspection. Our team will help you clear any doubts you might have.

Legal Advices 

When purchasing a property in Spain, it is always recommended to hire a local lawyer who speaks Hungarian and can help you in all the stages of the purchase-sale transaction.

At Lukentum we cooperate with several well-known law firms with extensive professional experience. We will be happy to introduce one of them to you in case you haven’t chosen a lawyer yet.

The lawyer will offer you a free consultation during which he or she will inform you about the services and guide you through each step of the purchase-sale transaction.

Mortgage advices

It is not difficult to finance the purchase of a house in Alicante, Murcia or Almería. Before you purchase the property, we will show you several Spanish and Hungarian banks that have the best offers and conditions. Lukentum will give you advice and assist you in all the necessary documentation and administration.

Bank charges associated with mortgage loans  The main fees in relation to a mortgage are the following:

Costs before obtaining a mortgage  The bank evaluates the property that is to be mortgaged. The fee of this procedure in Spain is around €200, but it varies depending on the value of the property.

Fees of obtaining a mortgage

Formalization fee: It is a percentage applied when the loan is granted; it significantly influences the total cost of the loan, and it is counted in the calculation of the APR. This commission in Spain is generally 1% of the total sum of the loan, but it can vary significantly from bank to bank.


Tax of documented legal transactions: this is 0.5% of the total guaranteed sum (the loan, its costs and the interest). It is approximately 1% of the capital.


Notary and registration fee: This is the official rate defined by the Spanish law. Its ammount directly depends on the sum of the loan, but usually it is around €1000 in the case of properties.



Administrative costs:  In Spain once the contract is signed, it is reported at the tax office in order to calculate the tax and get the property registered at the Property Registry. Its fee is approximately €150.


Subrogation fee:  This commission is charged by the bank if there is an existing mortgage on the property and the buyer assumes it. This is also around 1%, but in some cases it may be less.


You can be sure that with Lukentum you will receive full assistance and/or consultation in anything you might need.

Property Administration in Spain

At Lukentum we offer you an administration service for your property to look after it in your absence, so that it can remain in perfect conditions at all times.

Moreover, if you wish or find it necessary, we offer you to manage the renting out of your property, from the beginning to the end.

This service assures a profitable investment for you by renting out your property short or long term. Allow us to act as the mediator between you and your clients, while we take good care of your property, you, and your tenants. We are happy to undertake the administration of the lease contract from the beginning to the end.

Promoting your property on Hungarian channels

We promote your property on Hungarian media in order to ensure a high number of bookings and utilization. We have contacts at travel agencies, international rental agencies, and we also use social media and our own direct publicity on various media.

We prepare your property to be rented

Lukentum will make sure that your property is ready to be rented and is in perfect conditions. We offer the following services:

  • Laundry
  • Provision of bed sheets, towels and consumables
  • Reception of the guests
  • Handling the keys
  • We make sure that the guests have left your property in the same conditions as they had found it
  • Refurbishment and decoration to keep up with the standards
  • We prepare the instruction manual and the rules of the house

As part of our holiday home administration service we handle the calendar of the property, the prices, the promotion, the listings, all the bookings and the cash flow.

Our reception team welcomes the guests personally, and explains them in detail the use of all the equipment and the rules of the house, shows them around the area, and tells them about the services and opportunities of each place. We also undertake the revision of the property when the guests are about to leave.

Cleaning and maintenance of the property

A team of professionals will take care of the daily cleaning for the tenants, and they will look after your property.

In case your property needs maintenance, such as repainting or preventing any damage to the heating system or air conditioning, we can manage the whole process with the help of our carefully selected partners.


Lukentum is more than a management company

We are not simply a management and administration company that takes care of your property. We are your personal manager fully devoted to the management of your property with whom you can keep in touch at all times.

Lukentum will keep your property under complete control. During each visit the whole property and all the equipment will be checked, we will ventilate the rooms, water the plants, pick up the mail, verify that no unauthorized entry took place, check from the outside that all the windows and doors have been properly closed, check all the electrical appliances, help with the bills and the utilities, community fees, local taxes, etc. And, if you wish we can provide the following services:

Taxes and registry: We will manage all your taxes in relation to the maintenance and rental of your property.


Managing contracts: We will administer the contracts with electricity, water, Internet and gas providers, and we take all the necessary steps in case of change of ownership.

Renovation and decoration: A team of professionals is at your service if you wish to refurbish or make any changes to your property in a quick, easy and economical way.

Furniture and household appliances: We can give you advice on purchasing furniture and household appliances for your new property.

Cleaning: We offer a cleaning service when your property is ready or during your holiday.