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Montebello Collection – Apartments in Alicante

About this property

Montebello Collection – Apartments in Alicante.

Allow us to present you an urbanization right next to Benidorm, from where you can get to the constantly buzzing city and the sunny beaches in just a few minutes. You can find different property types in this constantly growing little town, from smaller apartments to luxury properties. These Spanish holiday homes are brand new, recently finished and ready for their new owners to move in.

Due to its height it has a breathtaking view on the sea and on the mountains from the other side, which results in a unique atmosphere for the inhabitants to enjoy.

The home owners can enjoy a wide range of services for free in a private center with a sauna, a gym, tennis courts, and a swimming pool. 


There is also a golf course with 18 holes by the city, which is ideal for beginners as well, since there is high quality golf instruction on the spot. The smallest track is 50 meters long, and the longest is 100 m, which is ideal for short and long games alike.

There is a shopping mall nearby, which you can reach in just a few minutes, where you can find all the major stores.

Project Presentation

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    The district called The Montebello Collection project, where you can find 24 apartments with 2 or 3 rooms and a common swimming pool is in an extensive green area. 

    Safety was a very important factor in the design of the city, so there is a 24-hour reception service and surveillance with 15 cameras to ensure a feeling of safety.

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    The common areas are taken care of by a gardener. The unique atmosphere of the apartments on the mountainside provides a charming environment for the home owners. The price of the apartments includes the Internet and TV connections, and a central air conditioning system is installed for extra comfort. The project includes an underground parking lot where each owner has a private parking place and a spacious storage room to make everyday life easier.

    There is a shopping mall nearby, which you can reach in just a few minutes, where you can find all the major stores.

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    You can enjoy quality food in the Michelin starred restaurant, which is open on every day of the week.

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    The prices of the Spanish holiday homes range from 189 000 to 309 350. 


2 room apartments in Alicante
The smallest 2 room flats are 65 m2 and come with a ~20 m2 terrace. These apartments reflect the experience of the developer in terms of quality and design.

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    Kitchen:Fully furnished with a marble worktop in a minimal modern style. The purchase price includes the electrical appliances such as the extractor system to reduce humidity, dishwasher, oven, etc. The separate laundry room which opens from the kitchen is equipped with a washing machine. The kitchen has a separate entrance from the living room.

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    Bathrooms: The apartment has 2 bathrooms, one of which belongs to the guest room and a separate one with an entrance from the hall. It has quality tiles and installations such as the toilet and a bidet. The guests’ bathroom has a shower, and the ensuite bathroom, which opens from the main bedroom, is equipped with a bathtub.

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    Main bedroom: The main bedroom has its separate bathroom and a built in closet, where you can easily store all your clothes. The windows and doors are made of plastic and they ensure perfect insulation. A bigger size bed also fits in the room if necessary.

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    Bedroom: The second bedroom opens to the balcony, whose other entrance leads to the living room. It has a built in closet as well.

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    Living room: Thanks to the big glass surface of the windows, the living room is luminous, and you can create here a spacious community space right by the terrace. There is more than enough room for a table and chairs for dining.

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    Terrace: The surface area is more than 10 m2 and it has a view on the sea, which gives an enchanting atmosphere to the place.

Penthouse apartments in Alicante

The other apartment type within this project is the 2 or 3-storey penthouse apartment, which has 113 m2 usable surface area plus a 43 m2 terrace. The spacious terrace is typical of rooftop apartments, where the sea and mountain views are the best. This apartment type is more spacious, and it also has high quality windows, doors and floors. The kitchen is fully equipped with electrical appliances.

  • Base floor

    The living room, the kitchen, and the separate laundry room are here, as well as a separate toilet and a spacious terrace. Due to the large size of the living room, several people can spend time here together, and it has a view on the city as well. A fireplace gives this room a cozy atmosphere. The kitchen furniture is made of a shiny, high quality material, and the worktop is made of natural stone.

  • First floor
    You can find the main bedroom here with its own bathroom equipped with a bathtub, as well as a built in closet and a door to the upper terrace. The other 2 bedrooms with their separate entrances are also on the first floor, and there is a separate bathroom with a shower.

  • We recommend this apartment for a long term investment, where you can spend quality time at any time of the year, and you can rent it out in the peak season for a high price, starting from 80 – 120 EUR per night. There is high demand for these apartments, so they are easy to lease. However, they are also ideal for a Spanish holiday home where you can spend your free time. We can also help you with the furnishing of the apartment according to your needs; you can choose from different packages to find the furniture you like most, and we undertake the whole process. There is an elevator in the building for easier access to the apartments on higher floors.

    In case you are interested in these Spanish holiday homes, do not hesitate to call us at +36 70 427 2462 lukentum@lukentum.com

    Elérhető Lakások Listája:

    m2 m2 m2  
    10.1 f.sz. 2 73,97 20,69 41,37 217 350 €
    10.10 2 2 112,88 20,49 23,30 309 350 €
    10.2 2 2 65,81 13,81 12,34 189 750 €
    10.4 2 2 75,12 20,69 14,34 211 600 €
    10.6 f.sz 3 65,72 10,25 6,09 192 050 €
    10.7 1 3 65,72 10,25 6,09 192 050 €
    10.8 1 3 74,97 15,97 5,87 213 900 €