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Life in Alicante

Welcome to the coast of Alicante!

This is the Costa Blanca.

Live, have fun, and relax!

When we talk about the coast of Alicante, a.k.a. the Costa Blanca (White Coast), we mean dreamlike beaches and bays, all-night-long parties, safety, gastronomy, and pleasant weather all year round.

Élet AlicantébanApart from these, the Costa Blanca has much more opportunities to offer, in which tradition goes hand in hand with modernity. Alicante, Denia, Jávea, Calpe, Benidorm, Villajolyosa, Campello, Santa Pola and Torrevieja are just some of the many destinations on the coast, which have ideal climate for practising water sports, and where you can relax enjoying the unique light by the Mediterranean Sea, or you can collect unforgettable experiences thanks to the innumerable entertainment options. It is a perfect place to have a summer house, a temporary or a permanent home.


Élet Alicantéban – Leírás.

lakások Alicantéban
Undoubtedly the main reason why the Spanish and foreigners alike let themselves get seduced by the Costa Blanca is its climate.

lakások Alicantéban

This is one of the few places where we can enjoy the warm weather without it turning into unbearable heat, with pleasant temperatures all year round. The Costa Blanca also stands out thanks to its cultural ambience and diversity, not to mention that it allows for a healthy lifestyle as well.

lakások Alicantéban

Other attractive factors that make this place ideal to spend your retired years are that it has excellent health care services, and that it is relatively cheap to live here. Unlike in other luxorious areas, it is not expensive to live on the Costa Blanca.

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On the other hand, this region has an active economic and commercial life, thus there are many opportunities for investments and starting a business, since the entertainment industry provides many opportunities to start a successful business.

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The temperatures are pleasant and ideal for a life in which you never suffer from the cold, neither from the heat, in any season of the year. The mild temperature due to the hills and mountainsides creates a unique microclimate, which prevents sudden drops in the temperature, and as a result there are very few chilly days in the year.

lakások Alicantéban

Compared to other places in the Spanish coastal area, on the Costa Blanca you can purchase a property at a low price, with excellent build quality and in an area with enviable infrastructure.

lakások Alicantéban

It is a great place to purchase a property in Spain, since in Alicatnte life standards are high, moreover, it offers the possibilty to have a healthy lifestyle thanks to its local cuisine and climate, which makes it possible to practise all kinds of outdoor sports. The most popular sports are water sports, and due to the calmness of the sea kayaking, sailing, and scuba diving are also very common.

lakások Alicantéban

The local food speciality is the paella, which couldn’t taste better thanks to the ingredients of the Mediterranean diet.

lakások Alicantéban

One of the most popular activities in this province is water sports, which is an ideal way of relaxation and refreshment. Aquópolis in Torrevieja and Aqualandia in Benidorm are two of the most frequented aquaparks.

lakások Alicantéban

Alicante is full of young people who live in the city during their university studies. The University of Alicante offers numerous qualifications and has Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Medicine faculties, and you can study social sciences, law, engineering and architecture as well.

The main holiday destinations

The most popular urban destinations of the Costa Blanca are Alicante, Denia, Jávea, Campello, Elche, Benidorm and Torrevieja. Each of them has special characteristics:

Alicante: “la terreta”, that is “little land”, as the proud locals call their home land.

DeniaIt is located on the northern coast of Alicante. It stands out with the growth of population during the peak season, when the number of inhabitants increases from 44 450 to 200 000. This also shows that Denia is a perfect place to purchase a property in Spain as a second home.

Jávea: It has a smaller population than Denia, but according to a survey of the National Statistics Institution, 53.1% of the inhabitants are foreign nationals. It is also known of the easternmost peak on the coast of Alicante, the Cabo de la Nao.

Campello: Originally it was a fishing and agricultural village, thus, in spite of the tourism boom it was able to reserve its charm due to its geographical location and its port. This area is more peaceful than the others, which makes it an ideal location to purchase a property in Spain for those who wish to have a second home to spend their holiday.

Elche: The enthusiasts of cultural relics know that the famous limestone bust called Lady of Elche was found in this city. It was made between the 5th and 4th centuries BC, and it probably served as a container of sacred objects and ashes. Another famous attraction is the Palmeral of Elche, which is a part of the world heritage.

BenidormShows, music, parties… in this place you can virtually breathe in the youthful ruckus. Benidorm is famous for its wide range of entertainment opportunities during the day as well as the night.

Torrevieja: The focal point of the southern part of Alicante province, the meeting place of Spanish and foreign people, who can choose from several beaches, not to mention the entertainment opportunities and the wide range of excellent services.

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